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Microsoft Online Tools & Software

At ConneXion-IT, we realize that organizations need more than just migration assistance when moving to the cloud. They need a partner that will work with them to develop solutions that meet their ever changing business needs. By becoming part of the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program with ConneXion-IT, you get more than the standard migration assistance: you also gain full access to a growing library of value-added services and tools developed by MessageOps, as well as access to our consulting and development team.

Many of our tools and utilities are offered at no charge to ConneXion-IT and MessageOps customers. How can you help ensure our ability to continue to develop these tools and utilities? Become part of the CSP program It’s easy and costs you nothing. Click here to learn more about the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Office 365 PST Importer – User Edition

MessageOps Office 365 PST Importer – User Edition, allows end users to easily upload data stored in PST files on the local PC’s to their Office 365 mailbox or Archive. It even supports address rewritting so messages are reply-able after migration. Read More.

Office 365 Password Synchronization

Office 365 Password Synchronization allows you to synchronize your Active Directory Passwords to Office 365. When a user changes their password in Active Directory, that change is synchronized to Office 365. This eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords which reduces frustration and help desk calls for password resets. **NOTE: Password Synchronization is being sunsetted** Read more.

Office 365 Exchange Migrator

Office 365 Exchange Migrator allows you to migrate your on premise PST files, Mailboxes and Public Folders to Office 365 mailboxes and archives. It also allows you to export Office 365 Mailboxes and Archives to PST files. Read more.

Office 365 Outlook Express Migrator

Office 365 Outlook Express Migrator allows you to easily
move messages stored in Outlook Express DBX files and contacts stored in
WAB files to an Exchange mailbox in Office 365. Read more.

Exchange Scout

Exchange Scout and Monitor will help plan and organize your migration to Office 365; it will list and find all permissions, group memberships, forwarding and reverse permissions to the mailboxes in your organization. This will allow you to ensure all necessary permissions and memberships are retained for the transition to Office 365, while also enabling you to perform cleanup of your environment to make the migration easier and more cost-effective. Read more.

Large Message Exporter

One of the challenges when moving to Office 365 is dealing with large messages in mailboxes. Most migration tools either skip the messages that are too large for Office 365 or just fail the migration. MessageOps Large Message Exporter allows you to quickly identify large messages in your on premise Exchange environment. Once found, the utility can backup those messages to a PST file, and delete them from the on premise mailbox allowing you to migrate the mailbox to Office 365. Read more.

Config 365

MessageOps Config 365 allows end users to easily create Outlook Profiles connected to their Office 365 Mailbox. Additionally, it will re-attach existing PST files that they currently have configured in their existing profile. Read more.