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Our Approach

Until ConneXion-IT, no single Microsoft Solution provider could provide all the products, people, services and solutions through one source to satisfy all of their needs across all Microsoft Platforms.

The fact that organizations use multiple partners to get projects done is evidenced by Microsoft’s itself.  To provide the best customer solutions, Microsoft must recommend multiple partners to a single customer to satisfy all of that customer’s needs. At ConneXion-IT, our duty to our clients is to “provide premium solutions either directly to our clients, or by leveraging our unique Channel Augmented Model (CAM) to make sure our customers are getting an optimal solution for all of their Microsoft needs.” Our CAM consists of joint ventures that we have established with other recognized industry leading Microsoft Partners to augment areas that ConneXion cannot provide directly.

At ConneXion-IT, we focus on one thing: providing specialized services, products and solutions to our customers through a centralized and experienced based approach, to ensure success on technology projects. This augmented approach allows us to connect our clients with industry recognized experts, products and solutions in Cloud, Infrastructure, Applications, Database, and Security in a managed and integrated solution.

This sets us apart from all others.